About Us

The Involved Fans network is a start up by John Laster, long time editor of TheGameReviews and frequent freelance contributor, and Ben Fisher, owner of TheGameReviews.com. They felt niche video games were currently neglected by many mainstream outlets and that there were few sites that focused entirely upon them. As such, they look to fill that void and become the premier network for niche video game news, reviews, and commentary.

Ben Fisher's background began in professional SEO in the early 90's. He speaks frequently at marketing industry events such as PubCon and HostingCon on SEO and SEM. He currently serves as Marketing Director for cPanel, Inc. and brings his unique knowledge to bring to generate efficient and effective organic traffic to our network of sites.

John Laster is the former Editor-In-Chief of The Game Reviews. Under his leadership TGR grew to over 500,000 unique visitors each month. He has a keen eye for spotting talented writers, as former TGR writers can be seen regularly at Game Informer, Joystiq, Games Radar, Edge, PC World and TIME's Techland blog, among others. With a background in economic forecasting John is able to statistically track and effectively predict what articles and topics will be popular.

Ben and John have an established list of industry contacts. With a business development focus, the Involved Fans network sets itself apart its peers. We have been involved in many different high tech industries, but video games are our passion. Every staff member is an active gamer, including the owners.